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The Chatty Chums Christmas Gift Guide 2021


15 gorgeous gift ideas to suit every predilection and budget.

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24 NOV - 2021

There’s something for everyone.

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year! Michael Buble’s album is on repeat while we gather with our loved ones to overeat, clink drinks, laugh at terrible jokes, nap, and eat some more.

However, we all suffer from the same stresses during the lead up as there’s a huge amount of pressure when it comes to buying the right gifts, especially for the fuss pots with expensive taste who seem to have it all.

From the humble undies to covetable tech devices, home décor, tasty tipples and must-have beauty picks, we’ve curated fifteen gorgeous gift ideas to suit every predilection at a wide range of budgets.

And although the jolly period traditionally starts from the 1st day of December, we thought it would be handy to share the guide pre-Black Friday. Perhaps you’ll score a discount but most importantly, being organised in 2021 is key due to the major delays in couriers and shipping!

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OPPO Enco Free2, $199.

Made in collaboration with Danish Hi-fi company Dynaudio, the OPPO Enco Free2 boasts a range of elevated functions you never knew you needed. They can cut out up to 42 dB of ambient noise for uninterrupted listening and as these buds can be personalised to your ears’ sensitivity and shape, the sound you’ll hear will be as clean as ever. Plus, they’re dust-proof, water-resistant and provide up to 30 hours of music time.

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OPPO Enco Free2

Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect, $154

This one’s perfect for the beauty obsessed friends with high skincare standards. We all know that sun protection is first and foremost, the most important skin care step - especially in a raging hot kiwi summer with our aggressive rays. The ever so popular British cosmeceutical skincare brand Medik8 recently launched their Advanced Day Ultimate Protect is SPF 50+, PA ++++.

It provides the highest level of UVA protection available with more than 98.3% of UVB rays being blocked. It also includes encapsulated photolyase derived from plankton extract which reduces DNA defects by 93% compared to 63% with sunscreen alone.

Texture-wise, you really can’t ask for a better formula. Fast absorbing with zero greasy or white residue, this Medik8 number will keep your skin hydrated via multi-weight hyaluronic acid and squalane.

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Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect

BraveFace The BraveBundle, $110

I think we can all unanimously agree that life is incredibly hard - and the last two years? Let’s not even go there. BraveFace is a new homegrown health brand that is committed to providing small everyday tools to overcome emotions, stress and help you with sleep troubles. Are you wishing you had been taking these all this time? Because I am.

The BraveBundle includes CoolHead; which is a stress relief spray with passionflower and gotu kola to keep you focused and calm; if you want to play the long game with stress management, LiveCalm harnesses the power of adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, holy basil and rosemary to soothe the nervous system; and the aptly named HeadRest will help you get the 8 hours of beauty sleep you need to function at max capacity.

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BraveFace The BraveBundle

OPPO Watch 46mm, $449

A smart watch is truly a must-have item for the busy-bodies who strive for perfection. Using Wear OS by Google, the OPPO Watch has a range of features to help you get the most out of your day. Aside from reading and sending messages, listening to music, mobile payment, schedule management and locating your phone, it tracks your heart rate, sleep and fitness, or lack thereof. If you’re a sedentary worker, it will remind you to get up, and if you’re an athlete of sorts, you can track your runs, swims, bike rides and walks. And when in smart mode, this pocket rocket can run for 36 hours.

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OPPO Watch

Tronque Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum, $145

Tronque is the new luxury body care brand that everyone can’t stop talking about - and for very good reason. Their ethos is simple - total transparency and sustainability with zero endocrine-disrupting, carcinogenic or sensitising ingredients. Most of us are guilty of neglecting our skin from the neck down, and Tronque is here to challenge this notion with the belief that we deserve to be doused in deliciousness, head to toe.

Using minimally processed ingredients in intelligent and active formulations, Tronque Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum combines bakuchiol, niacinamide, olive squalane, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and seven natural AHAs and BHAs to increase cell turnover and slough away roughness from your shoulders to shins - it even treats and prevents keratosis pilaris a.k.a. chicken skin, as well as ingrown hairs. If you’re feeling super generous, throw in the Rich As Croesus Firming Butter, $130, for some eye-rolling indulgence.

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Tronque Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum

Adashiko Christmas Gift Box, from $49.95

The pioneer of collagen in New Zealand, Adashiko has well and truly established itself as the brand that provides the best-absorbed version of peptide collagen on the market due to their advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons. Following the immense success of their beautifying collagen powders, Adashiko launched a skincare range that has since been received with an abundance of rave reviews.

Harnessing the power of hyaluronate sodium, noni extract, allantoin, gold leaf, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, and of course, pure peptide collagen, the gel formulas sink straight into the skin, delivering deep yet instant hydration. And for those who require extra barrier protection, the all-natural 7-ingredient Collagen Balm provides the nourishment that compromised skin crave. Compiling all of their best-sellers into three sets, there’s a gift box to suit every budget.

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Adashiko Christmas Gift Boxes

Ottmar Hörl Sponti Fuck You Gnome, $230

For the creative friend who loves eclectic art, the Non-conformist gnome, also known as the fuck you gnome, is a truly awesome statement piece that’s actually quite difficult to find. Designed by controversial German artist Ottmar Hörl Sponti, the original was created in 1994 for an installation of 1000 gnomes Seligenstadt. In terms of its function, I’ve seen it cleverly used as a wedding ring holder for when you’re washing your dishes. Half of the stock is already sold out on Peggy, so be quick about it!

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Ottmar Hörl Sponti Fuck You Gnome

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Universe, $128

Every year, Hourglass produces the most covetable limited edition palettes that are worth drooling over. Four new shades; vibrant heat strobe blush, luminous rose blush, glistening bronze light bronzer and supernatural strobe light strobe powder; plus the iconic ambient lighting infinity powder, makes for the perfect luminescent palette for the summer holidays.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

Isle of Harris Tumbler Serve Gift Set, $139.

An uber classy set for the bougie gin lovers, Isle of Harris is a beautiful Scottish gin infused with sugar kelp that has been sustainably hand gathered by local sea-lochs. It’s a complex flavour profile that is simultaneously refreshing and warm with notes of juniper, cassia bark, coriander seed and angelica root. There’s also bitter sweet citrus notes and a peppery flavour from cubebs that is tied together with orris root. Plus, the matching tumblers against the gorgeous bottle is so perfect for Instagram. If you want to take it that extra mile, provide an artisan tonic to go with this gem of a drop as the mixer makes for the majority of a drink.

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Isle of Harris Tumbler Serve Gift Set

OPPO Find X3 Lite, $799

I don’t know about you, but I find the price tags of a lot of mobile devices tend to be hernia inducing. If you need to find a phone that is well designed yet affordable, the OPPO Find X3 Lite packs a punch: 5 minutes of flash charging gives 4 hours of power; 5 cameras - 64MP main camera, 2MP mono camera, 8MP ultra wide angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 32MP selfie camera - means video and photo quality is vibrant, even at night; its 90Hz refresh rate provides super smooth scrolling; and if you want to zone out to a game, there’s a gamer mode with adjustable responsiveness and it also keeps distractions at bay.

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OPPO Find X3 Lite

Boody Underwear

Underwear - the essential item that every household member receives during Christmas. Instead of Calvins, why not make it sustainable this year? Made from EcoCert certified organic bamboo, boody uses only rainwater - no fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation. Buttery soft with comfort at the forefront, there’s a wide range of bras, briefs, loungewear, activewear and basic apparel to choose from.

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Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil, $74

One of the best-selling hair oils of MECCA, this one works as a pre and post styler. Infused with Mirsalehi honey, the oil repairs dry, damaged strands while restoring moisture and shine. It can be added into hair masks or doused generously overnight as a treatment.

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Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

Aesop The Protector, $125

The receiver for this aromatic trio will be absolutely smitten. Perfect for sprucing up the work-from-home environment that many of us are accustomed to, The Protector includes the iconic Resurrection Aromatique hand wash, post-poo drops and Cythera Aromatique room spray. This year’s gift kits from Aesop are dubbed ‘Anatomy of Generosity,’ in which the Aesop Foundation donates to a variety of charities. This particular kit is linked to the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust - they bring together Indigenous ranger groups to help address Australia’s environmental problems and also preserve its cultural heritage.

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Aesop The Protector

Saben Large Suitcase, $449

Know anyone with supremely itchy feet? I do. Personally, I’m quite content with the hermit lifestyle (for now), but it seems that those who are infected with the travel bug are howling at night to be let out. Saben recently launched a fresh new luggage collection in khaki with rose gold detailing. Made out of moulded polycarbonate, they’re lightweight and incredibly durable. Plus, it features handy zippered dividers and elasticised tie-down straps so you can neatly pack your belongings with no cat spaces.

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Saben Large Suitcase

DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro, $1999.99

Although the price is dear, if there’s a coffee connoisseur who resides with you, this is the gift that will keep on giving. Providing the control over grinding, dosing and temperature settings, the household barista will be able to create the perfect long black or if inclined, add some flair to the everyday latte with an eight tier tulip.

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro

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6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png

6d5b79696bd52fa264a733f30d5b73c4 1.png


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