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Mahi Eats: Hot Cross Bun Edition


Here’s our list of the BEST chatty approved hot cross buns around Auckland.

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5 April 2023

It’s hot cross bun season again and we’ve got you covered for the best buns!

I can’t believe it’s already Easter weekend! You know what that means:I’ll be scavenging around town each lunch break looking for the best freshly baked hot cross bun to devour as an afternoon snack.

Now, hot cross buns are kind of contentious on the basis that some people don’t like chocolate hot cross buns, some people like them big and some people like snack sized ones.

Whatever your hot cross bun preference is, these are objectively the best hot cross buns that Auckland has to offer!

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No hot cross bun list would be complete without Ima.

Located in fort street in the Auckland CBD, Ima is a family run Middle Eastern restaurant. They’ve been my Easter classic for many years.

Ima’s hot cross buns are pretty large so I expect they’ll constitute a meal replacement to some extent (I had one today and I was full from 10am - 3pm…).

Thick, dense and moist, these delectable buns are not overly sweet but have a great citrus coming through from the fruit peels included in it. My favourite part is that the cross is made of an absolutely divine custard which gives it a sweetness and creaminess.

For $6 each, these hot cross buns are a must.

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Fort Greene

Fort Greene is an artisan bakery located in the heart of K Road and it cooks up an array of breads, pastries and full on breakfasts.

Every Easter, their show stopping sourdough hot cross buns make an appearance and boy are they something else. They’re not too sweet, but have a little bit of zest and spice to them.

They’re not quite as large as the Ima hot cross buns, but they’re a great morning tea snack! For $30, you can score a pack of 6 - and yes, they deliver!

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Daily Bread

Daily Bread are well acclaimed for their divine pastries - have you tried their hazelnut pain au chocolat? Because if not… run, don’t walk.

With locations almost everywhere in Auckland (Newmarket, Ponsonby, Britomart, Point Chev), the DB hot cross buns are convenient to get to.

If you need more persuasion, these hot cross buns are award-winning.

As pitched on their on website, they’re brimming with flavour and textures because it’s “heavy on spice with sweet rum-soaked fruit, candied citrus peel, and finished with a sticky orange and cardamom glaze.” The spice that comes through is subtle but pairs so well with the citrus!

The sourdough base is cooked through an Italian fermentation method that makes it fluffy and springy which really sets this apart.My friend Bells could not stop going on about these buns for half an hour the other day!

Grab yourself a set of 6 for $22 this Easter!

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La Petite Fourchette

Obviously a French patisserie and bakery will serve up great baked goods.

This one is conveniently located in Britomart (right opposite my gym, might I add, which makes fighting the temptation to indulge in a hot crossie all the more difficult!).

So what makes this oh so chic? Well, think hot cross buns with a French twist: made in a French style of bread making, these are a little thicker.

There’s also a chocolate version for chocolate lovers like myself, and it’s topped with a generous glaze.

At $19.50 for 6, I’d consider these an absolute steal!

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Wild Wheat

Most people fall head over heels for the Wild Wheat hot cross buns, and I know why. They’re one of my classic spots to go to for both Easter and Christmas for themed foods (also best Christmas Stollen at Wild Wheat!)

Again, with locations around Auckland (Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Belmont, Howick), Wild Wheat does a cult favourite hot cross bun.

They burst with fruity flavours coming from the raisins, sultanas and mixed peel throughout. The sourdough hot cross buns have the perfect inclusion of spice which gives it a sharpness to eat either on its own or with a generous lashing of butter. For the sweetness, they are topped with a sticky glaze which gives them an added moistness for an easy pull apart.

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Honorary mention: Butter Baby

If you're feeling a little adventurous, then this special mention will satisfy you! Butter Baby does a cinnamon roll hot cross bun.

Think hot cross bun meets brioche, topped with a cream cheese cross.

Not for the faint hearted and non- traditional, try this one out if you’re keen to expand your horizons!!

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