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15 Romantic Gifts That Will Melt Your Lover's Heart


I’d keep this list handy if I were you.

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19 - FEB 2023

Whether you've shared one gift or 1000 gifts, there's something here your person will love.

It's a new year! Another round of birthdays, another anniversary and another year of love. I thought, why not get in super early and be the ultimate back pocket catalogue filled with gifts perfect for your significant other—the trickiest gift recipient of all? I know you already nailed Christmas last year, but if you didn't, maybe this is the year for redemption. Feel free to forward this to your boyfriend who didn’t make the effort last year.

This edit is dedicated to romantic ideas for a gift that feels extra thoughtful and meaningful. But to nail this is highly difficult.

Since romance can quickly become cheesy, I've gathered some non-sappy gift suggestions that your loved one would love. There are several self-care gifts such as lip masks, candles, and perfumes and sentimental items to celebrate your relationship and the time spent together.

This year, try one of these instead of buying a frying pan for your wife or girlfriend. Obviously, these thoughtful presents aren't just for women; I have faith that whoever receives them will adore them almost as much as they adore you.

If something sings to you in this list, feel free to romance yourself. Happy scrolling.

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Audrey Silk Long Robe

Your beloved will feel like a queen in this sumptuous silk rope. Featuring 3/4 length sleeves and a large wrap, this cover all will bring a touch of magic into their sleep wardrobe.

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Audrey Silk Long Robe $319.99

Love Lingual: Card Game

If you want to strengthen your relationship with someone, turn to this deck of cards which feature 150 questions and other conversational cues.

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Love Lingual: Card Game $24.99

Engraved Initial Pendant

A sweet, understated way to wear your initials near to your heart at all times.

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Engraved Initial Pendant $89

Gold Hera Saabi Ring

If you aren't quite ready to pop the question, this asymmetrical ring made of a 9ct yellow gold ring is a modern twist on a traditional gift.

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Gold Hera Saabi Ring $905

Personal Stars Print

Anyone would appreciate a customised print that includes how the stars aligned with the place you fell in love or when your heart skipped a beat.

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Pedicure Spa

Need I explain why your gal may want one of these? This foot bath with warm bubble massage will allow your significant other to get a spa treatment without leaving the house.

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Pedicure Spa $88

Bed Tray

If you want to win significant points, serve their favourite breakfast delicacies on this tray; they can even reuse it as a laptop tray on days when they aren't sleeping in but want to stay in bed.

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Bed Tray $59

Nevé Candle

Reminiscent of lazy sunset cocktails in quaint seaside towns, this intoxicating fragrance will take you both straight back to your favourite summer holiday at any time of the year.

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Nevé Candle $46

Gypsy Water EDP

Your S.O. will L-O-V-E the way this iconic bottle looks in their bathroom, and they'll definitely enjoy spritzing the luxe scent (featuring juniper berries, amber, and vanilla) every morning.

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Gypsy Water EDP $271

French Flax Linen Bedding Set

Quality bedding can break the bank, but it's money well spent. Luxurious bed sheets are a thoughtful present for anyone in your life, but if you're gifting them to your lover, you get to use them, too!

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French Flax Linen Bedding Set $315

Wiggle Candelabra

Hear me out. Cooking your lover a meal at home is very romantic, but nothing amps up the heat like a peachy candelabra centrepiece. This will go beautifully with the rest of your meticulously arranged table setting.

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Wiggle Candelabra $129

Tatcha Lip Mask

Give self-care, ’cause why not? Everyone wants smooth, hydrated lips, and this lip mask will help with just that.

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Tatcha Lip Mask $48

Aspect Dr Intense Hydration Sheet Mask

Suppose she has a passion for face masks (which, by the way, are not cheap). Give her a chance to indulge in self-care by giving her a chance to use this extremely hydrating mask. Pairs nicely with her favourite moisturiser.

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Aspect Dr Intense Hydration Sheet Mask $13

Baies/Berries Scented Oval

If you're all out of candle-related presents, a scented wax perfume diffuser is a great alternative. This oval can be stored in drawers or hung out in closets, leaving behind a subtle aroma of romantic blackcurrant and rose on linens, garments, or whatever else you choose to fragrance.

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Baies/Berries Scented Oval $96

Little Black Suitcase

Give the gift of travel inspo for your love with this sleek black hard-shell suitcase. Best paired with a special trip.

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Little Black Suitcase $189

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