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Too Faced Peach Perfect Collection Panel Review


Hello beauty addicts, strap in for a long panel review because we're going full hog on this!

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29 SEP - 2018

We were pretty excited for the Too Faced Peaches & Cream collection. After having some time to really put them to the test - here are our thoughts.

Too Faced Peaches & Cream Peach Perfect Moisture Matte Foundation

Rebecca’s Thoughts

The test:

The Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation was smooth to apply, and gave me a light-medium coverage after one layer. I tried the shade ‘Almond’ which is a fair shade with yellow undertones – it was a great colour match to neutralise my pink toned complexion. The tube has a pump applicator and I applied with my fingers to my freshly moisturised face. It blended nicely along my jawline and was comfortable to wear.

I wouldn’t say this is a true ‘longwear’ formula as it lasted 4-6 hours, and by the end of the day I was fairly oily and my blemish coverage had shifted. I would suggest using a primer if your skin is combination or oily, as it is does not ‘set’ as with other longwear foundations and I found it transferred a bit onto clothing over the course of the day. It didn’t oxidise though and stayed true to its initial tone. It does have a light mattifying effect, and doesn’t look dry or cakey, thankfully!

I was a huge fan of peach flavoured Fruit Bursts, so I was very excited to try this peach scented collection – the smell is possibly not quite ‘good enough to eat’, but it is a soft and subtle scent that is not at all offensive.

The final verdict:

This foundation would be great for those with normal – dry skin, who enjoy a natural feeling foundation with medium coverage. The formula also contains Sodium Hyaluronate for added hydration. This is a perfect ‘everyday’ lightweight foundation, and I think one tube would last you a while as you don’t need much more than a pump each time. It’s affordably priced with a careful selection of tones so I think most people would be able to find a shade to suit.

Sophie’s Thoughts

Alongside the new Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation, this new gem of a formula from Too Faced has been the go-to since I first got my grubby hands on a tube.

First off, let me share with you my current skin condition. I’ve got an oily t-zone that shines like melted cheese by 11am. I also get pesky pimples and zits that tend to take their sweet time to heal (zinc deficiency alert!). However, when I’m using my holy grail moisturiser - Dermaviduals Plutioderm - the texture of my skin is uber smooth and I never get a spot. This is the ultimate base for those who suffer from clogged pores, blackheads, and acne, from mild to extreme. As soon as I ran out of Plutioderm, my face began to produce more sebum and the texture became rougher. This resulted in a patchier application for any foundation that I used. Instead of sticking to my face like a second skin, the makeup sat on top of my face and the finish was never as flawless.

My advice is that you sort out your canvas with premium cosmeceutical skincare like Dermaviduals - this German brand is one of the best skincare brands on the current market and I can promise you a life-altering experience in terms of self-confidence. Smooth skin is key to a good makeup application that will last until the late hours of the night.

The Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation works pretty darn well for both stages - oily as well as near-perfect. Its name is self-explanatory - the lightweight formula provides a glorious matte finish that’s not drying and super comfortable to wear. Consistency-wise, it’s neither too thick or too runny and creates an amazing medium coverage base that never looks cakey.

I always use a primer to create a poreless, brightened canvas - I generally pair this foundation with the Clarins SOS Peach or Pink Primer and spritz the Smashbox Primer Water all over to instantly add moisture for the foundation to mix with and adhere to my skin more effectively. The application is so effortless with both a paddle brush as well as a stippling brush.

After I apply concealer, I use a cushion puff to pat everything right in. It sticks to my skin like spanx, so if you’re not keen on using a setting powder post-foundation, it’s totally fine to jump straight into your bronzer and blush.

Finding a foundation that sticks in this way, mattifies my skin all day and sits this comfortably is so hard for me to come by. The finish is simply flawless and there’s very little shine produced throughout the day.

I’ll definitely be buying another tube again - very grateful for the modest price of NZD$57 and generous size of 48mls. Such a decent product from Too Faced - super impressed.

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Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush, No Longer Available.

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Too Faced Peaches & Cream Peach Perfect Moisture Matte Foundation,48ml, NZD$61

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Too Faced Peach my Cheeks Melting Powder Blush

Rebecca’s Thoughts

First of all, you should buy this blush for the packaging alone. It is SO cute. If that doesn’t sway you, the peaches and cream scent will!

There are six shades in total: Pinch My Peach, Spiced Peach, Peach Dream, Ginger Peach, Peach Berry and So Peachy. I was lucky to try Ginger Peach – a soft orangey pink with warm tones, and So Peachy – which is a candied soft pink.

The formula is really interesting to try. The blush itself is a creamy powder block, and as you rub the cake, the warmth of your fingers melts the pigment. I applied this with both a flat top brush, and my fingers and I would say I got a more natural application with my fingers as I could press the formula into my skin and blend it more seamlessly. I did need to build up the colour though, as the first application gave me a light flushed look, but this didn’t really pop once I had applied my lippy and eye-shadow. The blush dries as a powder, but be aware that if you put the melted powder onto a wet or dewy foundation you will move your coverage a bit. Using a brush to apply the blush can avoid this, but it is slightly harder to blend (as it hasn’t really ‘melted’) and you will need to build up a bit of product on your brush.

I loved the tone of the Ginger Peach with a metallic copper eyeshadow and bronzer, while the So Peachy pink shade suited a soft mauve-brown eye and nude lip. The longevity of the blushes isn’t exactly superb, but with the handy compact size, you could easily pop into your handbag for a top-up on the go.

I love these blushes for a soft pop of colour, which feel beautifully natural while on. Best suited to normal-dry skin types, but oiler complexions could set their foundation first and then apply (ideally with setting spray - not powder as the creamy texture of the blush may cake the layers underneath).

Sophie’s Thoughts

The Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush has a distinct sensorial experience that transforms from a cream to a lightweight powder once it blends into the skin. There's something magical about this application process that I really enjoy.

I always use my trusty Bobbi Brown Angled Face brush to apply my blush, whether it be a powder, balm or whipped formula. It's soft and fluffy so the pigments are blended and dispersed evenly for a foolproof application.

The melting powder blush isn't as 'wet' as a whipped blush, so I find that it provides the blendability without moving my base. Also, I prefer blushes that are buildable as opposed to heavily pigmented ones so I can manipulate the strength of the colour's opacity. With high-impact blushes that are uber-rich in pigments, I often find myself deterred by the risk of looking like an angry 5 year old or a stage performer.

The result is a sweet and innocent flushed look - ideal for those who want to look fresh-faced and youthful. A swipe of Ginger Peach with some mascara, highlighter and lipgloss creates a gorgeous girl-next-door look that can be done and dusted in 5 minutes.

I seriously rate this blush. It's straightforward and super easy-to-use. The only qualm is that both my blushes arrived detached from the case so be careful when you're carrying it in your handbag. I'm unsure if the adhesive would've been weak for every single blush produced, but it's definitely worth treating it as a fragile item.

Too Faced Peach my Cheeks Melting Powder Blush is no longer available at Mecca

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer

“Radiant matte bronzer” - I am INTRIGUED. Normally I need to apply a light dusting of pearl highlighter after my matte bronzer get that perfect shade with a ‘lit-from-within’ glow. Non-matte formulas tend to be too orange or gold and glittery for my liking so I’ve persisted in this two step method, but it does mean two different brushes and products each time...

I’m fair with pink undertones, so I like to use cool-toned makeup that neutralises my complexion while lifting and contouring my features without looking muddy. It’s quite tricky to find a perfect shade of bronzer that isn’t too warm, highly pigmented – but blends well, and has a matte finish – without looking flat.

I think the search is over.

...Introducing the only bronzer I have found that provides pigmented colour – in that perfect shade of brown, with a soft champagne highlight that gives a brightened, lifted effect. This product blends beautifully with my tulip shaped brush, and has impressive longevity when set with setting spray. I think the secret may be in the combination of tones within the bronzer cake. It features light pink, bronzed brown and a pearl highlight blended softly together so you get a combination of all tones. This type of formula is not new I know, but I prefer it to quad formulas as I never feel like I have blended the tones well enough together before applying to my face. When I do – I end up with far too much on the brush and have to tap most of it off before the application. Either that, or I just end up applying one shade at a time which defeats the purpose a bit.

This bronzer is effortlessly buildable so it would be suited to most skin tones; as darker complexions can apply more to deepen the colour. This is a must-try in my view it’s a high performing product at a great price, with a lovely soft peach scent to boot.

Sophie’s Thoughts

The Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer combines a traditional bronzer with a bit of peach blush and subtle highlight; designed to create a soft and flawless bronzed look.

It looks a teeny bit red on my yellow complexion and after reading Glossy Musing's review, it's clear that this particular product is matched for those with a cooler skin tone. It's easy to blend, is buildable and creates a hue that looks like a naturally super sculpted tan. It doesn't look muddy but it's pigmented enough to accidentally result in a dirty contoured look that we've since moved light years from.

In terms of application, Sweetie Pie blended pretty seamlessly with no patches. I feel like it deserves a test on your skin in-store before a purchase. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to bronzers and usually resort to Benefit Hoola as it's so universally flattering. This one is designed for a new gen chiselled look that can look pretty epic when done with the right tools.

I also like to use the Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer - the light-reflective pigments are flattering and the dual-tones blend to create an effortless Japanese-style draped look. This one also has potential to look OTT - just need to remember to tap the excess off!

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer is no longer available at Mecca.

"If you're into that #glowjob look that's usually paired with bright pink or peach eyes, the White Peach palette is a great investment palette to have in your drawer."

Too Faced White Peach Eyeshadow Palette

Rebecca’s Thoughts

This beautiful palette comes with 12 shades in a variety of finishes; from mattes to shimmers and chunkier glitter shades. I also liked the balance of warm and cool tones, so most skin tones would only need to use the one palette.

The shadows are finely milled with only a little fall out. They are quite pigmented, and build beautifully for more depth. I’m also impressed with the wear – I applied (without primer) at 5.30am this morning, and they are still looking great without creasing five hours later!

One of my favourite everyday looks to create with this palette is ‘Fuzzy Peach’ all over the lid with a fluffy shader brush. This is a pale cool brown which suits my blue eyes perfectly. Then I deepen my crease with ‘Sweet Fig’ which is a complementary tone with more mauve. Then I apply ‘Peach Ice’ a chunky white glitter shade which adds a subtle sparkle to the centre of my lid. With a smudging of brown eyeliner and slick of mascara I’m ready to go!

For a warm-toned look – try ‘Fuzzy Peach’ as your base blending shade and then add ‘Peach Sorbet’ in your crease. Deepen the coral tones by adding ‘Creme De La Peach’. For a cute sparkle add ‘Glistening Peach’ either all over the lid, or just in the inner corners.

‘Peach Passion’ is a stunning midnight blue chunky glitter that I am dying to use – I’m just waiting for the right occasion! I’ll apply ‘Sweet Fig’ as my blending shade and then pat 'Peach Passion' over my entire lid, building for more intensity. Then to dramatise the look – I’ll smudge the dark matte shade ‘On the Grill’ into my lash line and lower third of my eye. This would look amazing with falsies!

Sophie’s Thoughts

The Too Faced White Peach Eyeshadow Palette has an incredible selection of bright, uplifting hues, perfect for spring and summer. I'm always drawn to 'Creme de la Peach' for a youthful look. Adding a fun turquoise eyeliner to the coral mandarin shades is an easy way to show your good mood.

By using a large fluffy brush, you can layer the bright hues on top of each other as washes. They're pigmented, but very buildable - it all depends on the density of your eyeshadow brushes and whether or not you use a setting spray to pack the colour in.

Most eyeshadow palettes will contain only a couple of bright shades for the 'pop' of colour - so I love that this one is inverted and consists of mostly bright hues with three choices of dark shades for a smokey option. I like to use the glittery 'Peach Passion' hue on top of my black gel liner to ramp up the party vibes.

If you're into that #glowjob look that's usually paired with bright pink or peach eyes, the White Peach palette is a great investment palette to have in your drawer. Effortless, sophisticated and energetic looks can be easily created with so many differentiations. I like to drag my eyeshadow out a lot and blend blend blend it seamlessly into my temples. I also love a super duper subtle drape of blush into the outer socket, so I always use the Melting Powder in Ginger Peach for the consistency in the hues.

I never do a cut crease, but you can apply a bit of eye primer on the lid before going in with the glittery shades for a bold look.

The other products in the collection include: Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette, Peach Blur Instant Smoothing Finishing Powder, Bronzed Peach Melting Powder Bronzer, Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Highlighter, Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray, Peach Perfect Loose Setting Powder, and the Primed and Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer.

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Too Faced White Peach Eyeshadow Palette

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