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How To Dump Your Toxic Relationship With Plastic


We all know plastic is unsexy for our environment so why are we still using it in our day-to-day shower routines?

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27 MAY - 2021

Let’s be blunt, we can’t all be eco angels 24/7 - everyone has their plastic sins that they’re not proud of.

To save you a trip to church for a confessional, you’ll have to start playing your part in making this world a greener place.

Our top contenders of plastic living in our bathrooms are those bulky body wash bottles that are secretly collecting mildew around their surface.... um, may I say yuck?

The aim of the game is to eliminate those plastic bottles and swap in local New Zealand companies that specialize in Eco Friendly alternative options such as Ahhh, Ecostore, Skinnies, Ethique, and the Good Cube.

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Skinnies Acne Bar & Body Wash

Skinnies Acne Bar and Body Wash are the best travel-sized companions for people on the go. The bars come in a chocolate-styled look with four breakable blocks that you can choose to break your way.

At first glance, these bars are definitely on the smaller side of the spectrum but who wants to lug a big body bar on the airplane or to your boyfriends house? These small babies definitely hold up their side of the bargain by lathering your body and face like a charm. For at-home use, I would prefer a bigger body block in my day-to-day showers but the Acne bar is just the right size to lather up onto your hands or face. I found that the Acne bar did contribute to keeping my face clear but after the shower, it left my face drier than usual.

The downside...

Both the Acne and body bar I used ended up smelling a bit funky after hitting the water. I couldn't find the coconut smell I was looking for but instead, it gave off a milky baby smell which I preferably would not like to rock for the entire day.

The cost $49.28
Rating 3/ 5 stars

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Skinnies Acne Bar & Body Bar Soap Combo

Ahhh Shampoo, & Conditioner Bars

Ahhh has to be one of the most innovative eco body products I have tried so far. At first glance, the lavender love and rosemary shampoo bar had a rough exterior so I was a bit hesitant at first. The downfall of this bar was that the exterior felt waxy against my hair and I didn't enjoy using it. It took me a second to switch up my tactic by lathering up the product in my hands to make the bar work wonders. On the other hand, the Manuka Honey & Vanilla Conditioner bar kept the original smooth exterior making it possible to lather up in the hair without any hesitance. Since these bar names sound so delicious I knew that they had hacked the code for incredible smelling products, I left my shower and walked into a realm of lavender fields and honey bees.

The cost $12.99 each
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Ahhh Conditioner Bar Manuka Honey & Vanilla RRP $12.99

Ahhh Shower Steamers

If you're like me and prefer hot water pelting onto your back than a hot bathtub this product might be for you.

Ahhh's shower steamer is a take on the traditional bath bomb but for the shower lovers in life. So how does this product work? Easy, you pop the product onto the shower floor making sure that the water touches it so it can disintegrate the bar and create steam around you while you shower.

I tried out the peppermint & eucalyptus breathe shower steamer and I could feel its effect as soon as the shower had heated up. My nose quickly cleared up, I could breathe in more clearly and I became more awake by the second. Unfortunately, the smell wasn't too strong but the effects were recognized instantly. For $5 a session it does start getting pricey as you can't exactly reach down the drain and save this product - it’s a one-time use kinda thing.

I honestly did think that only bath people got all the fun in the tub but with Ahhh's steamer range, we shower goers can experience some too. Just remember not to be in there for too long because short showers are better for the environment after all!

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Ahhh Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Shower Steamer

The ecostore Shampoo & Conditioner

ecostore's conditioner bar made my OG run for its money.

I'm the kind of person that bolts for the shower in the morning with extra greasy hair from last night's sheer laziness or yes even yesterday's 'I'll wash it later.' I was excitedly shampooing my hair with The ecostore's bar, to say the least, it's just a normal good average shampoo bar that does what it's meant to do, no bad perks here. Looking at the clock, I lathered up the conditioner bar into my hair and MY GOD it is good at that. Because it was so great at lathering up it took extra time to wash it out, time that I didn't have. Quickly grabbing my towel I made a run for work, until,

I had made the dreaded mistake of letting the bathroom become ocupado as my hair began to crackle from the soap suds left over. It was a choice to either rock super soapy greasy hair or to nip my head under the cold tap.

My advice here is to make sure that the conditioner is washed thoroughly in the shower and you will experience butter-soft hair when dry.

The cost $17.99 each
Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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ecostore Nourishing Conditioner Bar

The Good Cube 2 In One Shampoo & Conditioner

As we all know 2 in one shampoo & conditioner will never give you that satisfying silky effect that the conditioner does alone. I do praise them in the fact that this might be easier for the lazier or time poor as you can do a quick lather-up rinse and out of the shower without thinking.

When I started rubbing the bar directly onto my hair I felt the bar go gritty almost like sandpaper but with a contrasting softness from the soap buds that continued to lather up. I'm not exactly sure if I loved the texture but it did the trick.

I would recommend pairing this bar with The Eco Stores Conditioner bar if you are looking for that silky finish, which I know cancels out the fact that this product is a two in one. ( My hair benefited from using these 2 products together as my hair feels freakin’ amazing! Like really amazing!)

The cost $ 29.95
Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

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GOOD CUBE 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo Bar

Ethique Body Wash Bars & Conditioner

Ethique's Wonderbar conditioner is the reliable nancy in my bathroom, she is always there to wash out the shit I put my hair through, but after trailing out other local bars she does need to sud up and stand out a bit more in my bathroom (I am after you ecostore).

This local brand needs a round of applause when it comes to their Body wash bars and storage containers, they have perfected the glide into tossing out that massive body wash container that sits on the bottom of your bathroom floor. This is the brand that guided me into the non-plastic community and she will always be the brand I put up on the pedestal and recommend to others, so if this is your first time breaking the barrier I would start with Ethique and then dive into the pool of non-plastic warriors.

The cost $25, $9
Rating 5 out of 5 stars

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Ethique Wonderbar Conditioner

In the end, if making the switch isn't right for you I understand! My first take to eco bars made me curl up and cry, but in my case, I returned with the right brands by my side and now I am spreading the good word to you.

My all time favourites are now being swapped out for newer bars, and I never thought that would happen. As a creature of habit, it was hard to admit I might need to take a vacation and try other bars on the market, so I urge you to give them a go - they might just surprise you!

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