Brand Refresh: Anastasia Beverly Hills


Let’s revisit the holy grails and hidden gems from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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03 MAY - 2022

Can you believe that ABH has been around for 20 years? Here are all the it-products that are on a need-to-know basis.

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New ABH Lip Liners and Lipsticks.

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Honourable Mention: ABH Soft Glam II Palette, $51NZD.

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The Primrose Palette

If there is one thing ABH is well known for, it's for their eyeshadow palettes. ABH has been releasing banger after banger for the past few years, but we haven't seen anything new from them in a long time. Not to mention, coming up with an innovative colour story is no easy feat. You know what they say: the best competition is with yourself, and ABH did not disappoint with the Primrose Palette!

I snagged the Primrose Palette as soon as it was released, mainly for the matte shades, but the shimmers are just as impressive. The colours are warm and peachy, with hints of copper and burgundy- I'd say the Primrose Palette is the true beauty renaissance of modern times. It omits many of the rosey (sometimes dull) romantic tones of the highly coveted Modern Renaissance palette by replacing them with vibrant metallic shades. Images don't do the palette justice, so make sure you see it IRL.

On the right, you will see that ABH has included two blush tones: Grapefruit and Saddle. I recommend using them as transition shades on the eyes as well as the cheeks for an overall harmonious look. Matte and not at all flat, flush you cheeks with bright coral and terracotta shades.

Note: The Primrose is no exception if you are familiar with previous ABH shadow formulas. They are incredibly soft and buttery and do tend to have fall-out. I don't mind it, but keep this in mind for those who do.

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ABH Primrose Palette, $97NZD.

The Peachy Love Blush Trio

The ABH Blush Trios are such an underrated product, and I'm about to put it on your beauty radar!

My go-to recommendation is the shade 'Pool Party,' a peachy love affair guaranteed to compliment all skin tones. The secret is the far-right shade which is a neutral muted blush. Combined with the rest of the trio, you can create the most vibrant of fruity orange cheeks to the most demure wash of colour.

It's perfect for beginners and makeup artists due to the flexibility of the product. Plus, you get three blushes for the price of one!

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ABH Peachy Love Blush Trio, $58 NZD.

The Brow Definer

This is a PSA for all makeup beginners.

Filling in your brows can be finicky and difficult. Don't worry about creating extremely detailed brow hair strokes at this stage of your makeup journey. Instead, opt for the Brow Definer that has a little more body to the pencil to get used to the motion of application.

In saying so, the Brow Definer is more than capable of creating detailed brows. However, filling in the brow will be much easier than using a tiny little pencil like the Brow Wiz due to the triangular pencil shape of the Brow Definer.

Not to mention, ABH has one of the best shade ranges for absolutely everyone!

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ABH Brow Definer, $44NZD.

The Pro Pencil

The Pro-Pencil is essentially a concealer pencil mainly used to carve out the brows. However, the Pro-Pencil is a multi-faceted product with many benefits. It makes for a beautiful brow and inner corner highlight if you love being detailed with your makeup, and it also works exceptionally as a bulletproof eyeshadow base and spot concealer.

I especially love it for spot concealing little dark spots that follow from a nasty breakout. Sometimes, liquid concealer just doesn't cut it.

Check out the Pro Pencil here.
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ABH Pro Pencil, $35NZD.

The Banana Loose Setting Powder

I have repurchased the ABH Banana Loose Setting Powder repeatedly without hesitation. It is one of my favourite powders for setting the under-eyes and the face.

I can confidently say that the formula is incredibly buttery, soft and finely milled. The ABH Loose Powder is bound to blur your skin and keep you mattified for a long time. If you have a deeper complexion and you have been looking for a peachy/ orange setting powder to offset any hyperpigmentation, the shade ‘deep peach’ is a godsend.

Next on my list is the Pat McGrath Undereye Powder in Banana- let me know your thoughts if you have tried it on the @chattychums IG!

Honourable Mention: ABH Dewy Set Setting Mist!

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ABH Banana Loose Setting Powder $66NZD.

The Lip Liner

I don't know about you guys, but I was so excited when ABH announced their Lip Liner launch! ABH really snapped with the formula: soft, pigmented and even. What more can you ask for?

The shade range is what really captivated me. From what it seems, ABH has divided their colour stories into two: nudes and colourful reds, pinks and berries. There are pale nudes, dark browns, autumn reds, classic reds and deep berries - something for everyone. To die for!!!

Shades to look out for: Auburn, Raison and Warm Taupe.

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ABH Lip Liner, $32NZD.

The Matte Lipstick

ABH also released some unreal new Lipsticks along with the Lip Liners. There are a couple of formulas, but I must say that the matte formula really took the cake.

If you ever see them IRL, you will notice that the bullet itself has a unique velvet texture. On the lips, the formula magically blurs fine lines while depositing a thin layer of colour for maximum comfort.The Matte Lipstick is highly pigmented, glides on effortlessly and lasts for hours without getting dry.

My favourite shades are the reds because it aint easy to find the perfect matte red lipstick that won't smudge everywhere. Also, you should definitely check out the dark browns for the upcoming season.

P.S: Check out the updated luxe gold packaging on your next shopping day out!

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ABH Matte Lipstick, $37NZD.

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