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This is Why Gen Z’s Don't Want to Work


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Better Than the Dyson? We Review the New ghd Duet 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler


Celebrating Riri At The Superbowl With The Top Scorers From Fenty Beauty

Celebrating Riri At The Superbowl With The Top Scorers From Fenty Beauty


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Korean Nail Art Inspiration For Your Next Appointment

Stand out from the rest with these Korean nail art designs.

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Why Jennifer Coolidge Is a Fucking Icon

No matter what her role, we can all agree that Jennifer is a fucking icon.

Heaven By Marc Jacobs is Totally Taking Over

Haven’t heard of it? You might be living under a rock.

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Cacio e Pepe Recipe - You’ll Run Wild For It

Whether you're seeking a quick and effortless weeknight dinner or looking to impress guests with a timeless culinary masterpiece, Cacio e Pepe is the ultimate choice for pasta lovers everywhere.


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ghd vs Dyson: The Cordless Edition

A review from the hair expert himself.

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How Not To Be A Fragrance Sheep: Top 7 Underrated Perfumes

Aren’t you tired of smelling the same thing over and over again? Try these choices instead.

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WTF is Lucky Girl Syndrome

The 2023 mantra for the girlies is to embrace our inner Lucky Girl. So if you haven’t heard of LGS, I’m here to tell you everything about it.

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Beauty Newness: Best Releases Yet?

The beauty industry is not playing around! We have rounded up some of the best releases of the month.

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Mahi Eats: Ragtag Becomes a Restaurant

Ragtag is so underrated, with exquisite flavours coming together scoring a 7.83 on the PQQ scale.

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Knock At The Cabin Movie Review: Who Keeps Giving M. Night Shyamalan Money?

Hit or miss? Shyamalan strikes again with a new film. Let’s talk about it.





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