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25 Stylish Brands To Get You Out Of Sweatpants


Lacking shopping inspiration? Window-shop from your MacBook with a round-up of trending brands to get you back into ‘normal’ clothes and out of sweats.

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10 MAR - 2021

2020 brought the sweatpant co-ord back into style, and at the beginning, I was pretty happy and comfortable in my new second-skin.

I came to the realisation that I had lowered the cost-per-wear of my new track pants, yet hadn't even reached for the new parcel that housed a brand new pair of Victoria Beckham pants. Alarm bells. I was getting just a little too comfortable.

Just because we can’t travel to the likes of Paddington, Fifth Avenue or Oxford Street, it doesn’t mean we can’t virtually shop international style. Just a simple click, a small cry from your credit card and you’ll be saying ‘no’ to takeaways and hello to the ‘real world’.

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You can never have too many pairs of good jeans. As a functional premium denim brand, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair of jeans from Agolde’s extensive range of shape, style and fits.

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Anna Quan

Contemporary womenswear at its finest. Anna Quan specialises in strong silhouettes with a touch of luxe. Quan’s garments feature hidden elements that show the meticulous attention to detail and high regard for quality.

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Blanca Apparel

Blanca is the finishing touch to cult jewellery brand Reliquia. The carefully selected and limited range aligns with the brand’s overarching vintage-inspired aesthetic for a head to toe look.

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Our love affair with Melbourne based Boskemper has only just begun. The pieces are effortless, yet distinctive that are designed to be worn. Flirtatious elements of ruffles and bows pair perfectly with designer Kirsty Irwin’s use of structure throughout the range.

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Caitlin Crisp

2021 is a year of supporting local fashion for me, and Caitlin’s eponymous label fits the bill perfectly. Supporting local fabric suppliers, and every garment is made in New Zealand. Creating feminine yet modern pieces sporting her signature puffy sleeves throughout.

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Camilla and Marc

A forever brand. Having launched in 2003, Camilla and Marc continue to evolve, yet stays true to the brand’s signature structured and tailored looks. If you are to invest in anything, let it be a C&M blazer; you’ll thank me later.

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Christopher Esber

The brand of the moment, Christopher Esber just keeps hitting the mark. Esber makes deconstructed fashion look effortless. His use of smart cutting ensures pieces suit almost every body shape.

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Born out of Hamburg, Germany, Closed draws heavily on its own European heritage - French imagination, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition. Starting as a denim brand, their attention to detail now spans across their full range of twisted classics.

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Cult Gaia

Envision a five-star resort in the middle of the desert. That is where you’d wear Cult Gaia. The overarching resort-wear feel is carried through the range. The strong sculptural DNA highlights modern summer luxury.

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A new injection of style doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Exclusive to The Iconic, Dazie’s minimal pieces are the perfect transeasonal additions to your capsule wardrobe.

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Dion Lee

Lee’s signature flair is present in every collection - negative space and transparency are perfectly balanced with structural and sculpted silhouettes. You’d easily pick Lee’s design out from a crowd with his signature, modern punk-take.

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Hansen & Gretel

Bright colours and bold prints are the forefront of each collection, but Hansen & Gretel haven’t forgotten us neutral lovers! Inspired by wardrobe classics, the brand fuses traditional and modern elements, resulting in an updated, functional capsule wardrobe.

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Founded by Australian Influencer, Nadia Bartel as a capsule wardrobe, Henne’s mission is to create minimal, versatile pieces. Available in limited drops, with each complimenting the one prior, works to simplify getting dressed in the morning.

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Lucy Folk

Lucy Folk is spirited, empowered and electric aesthetic, inspired by travel, art and design. Playing with stripes, colour clashes and vibrant prints, the brand is bound to breathe fresh air into a usually dark winter wardrobe.

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Magali Pascal

Embodying a vintage aesthetic, reimagining classic Parisian style with a twenty-first-century twist. The brand plays with a mix of movement and structure, embracing the duality of masculine and feminine.

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Misha Collection

Specialising in occasion wear, Misha is your one-way ticket out of sweatpants! To steal the style of the Kardashians, Misha’s signature figure-hugging ensembles and flirty mini dresses are sure to fit the bill.

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Nice Martin

Taking a slower approach to fashion, Nice Martin is grounded in small collection drops throughout the year. With bold shapes influenced by the intersection of a handsome aesthetic and a feminine cool.

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Pas Duchas

Making a point to be trend aware, but not focused, Pas Duchas hits the ground running with cosmopolitan style. Incorporating luxe fabrics, textural elements and edgy metal hardware, contemporary chic is an understatement.

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Think long lunches in Byron Bay or island-hopping around the Mediterranean. Posse emanates a romance with summer that we don’t want to end. The brand’s timeless linen shapes are perfect for transeasonal dressing or daydreaming about European summer.

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If you’re really that attached to your sweat pants (and while I don’t blame you) it’s possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time! Sancia’s stylish basics were inspired by the carefree beauty of Australia so that you can fashionably WFH or Netflix your way through the weekend.

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Shona Joy

From wedding attire to just adding a little bit of flare for day-to-day, Shona’s ruffles and feminine prints are guaranteed to carry you through every occasion.

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Sir The Label

Although the Australian label is primarily known for its chic resort wear, the brand effortlessly transcends into A/W wear. With a love for the ’70s, the brand’s chilled out, neutral-toned pieces will seamlessly fit into any exciting wardrobe.

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Turet Knuefermann

The ultimate intersection of modern luxury and comfort. The eponymous brand is most described as elegant yet sensual that can be worn from day to night. Pair a sequin skirt with one of TK’s knits, or opt for a classic wrap dress.

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Wynn Hamlyn

Establishing his eponymous Auckland based label in 2014, Wynn has struck the balance between playful palettes and relaxed textiles. With intimate attention to the silhouette, Wynn Hamlyn is classic yet eccentric, establishing a parallel between bold and soft through signature knitwear and tailored blazers.

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Third Form

The contemporary womenswear label is a feminine yet refined edgy look for busy urban women. The founder's inspection of big cities of the world is reflected in the minimal forms with considered urban detailing and cutouts.

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Off To Shop

I don’t know about you, but I have a wishlist as long as I can see. Brands have stepped it up this season, so kick your trackies to the ground and hit the wardrobe refresh button.


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